ACE Warmblood Studbooks

The breeding program of ACE includes set measures to enter ACE studbooks ensuring the progress in reaching the breeding goal of a refined Australian Warmblood – ACE.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the guidelines for acceptance into the ACE Studbooks.


ACE’s breeding goal is to breed a refined Australian Warmblood – ACE that is, physically and mentally able to excel in the Olympic equestrian disciplines dressage, showjumping or eventing.

The Australian Warmblood – ACE horse needs to be in proportion, well framed with elastic, cadenced and have ground covering movements.

The selection criteria are:


Larundel Gianni
Heatherwick Park Performance Horses

  • Ancestors,
  • External appearance,
  • Sequence of movement which includes showjumping,
  • Internal characteristics such as trainability, the ability and willingness to perform, character, temperament and health,
  • Results of sport performances.



Warmblood Register

In furtherance to the Warmblood Studbooks, please contact the ACE office regarding the eligibility of ACE Warmblood Sport Horses.