Roseglen Farm - Hilkens Nougat Cream imp

Hilkens Nougat Cream imp
Roseglen Farm

  • Submit via email to
  • Submit via post – please ensure to keep a copy of all the documents submitted, the ACE Group Inc. suggests using registered mail.

**Please ensure that all pictures submitted within the registration process are of adequate quality and that the entire horse, including hooves and tip of each ear, are visible.




~ ACE Group Membership Form 2017 pdf         Membership now available on-line here

~ Constitution for ACE Group Inc


Membership for Individual ~ $75.00

Family Membership** ~ $100.00

Corporate** Membership (entitles employees to show ACE registered horse) ~ $120.00

Associate* Membership for Individuals ~ $50.00


*Associate Members are not entitled to vote and cannot access registration services.

**A family membership can include a person, their spouse (including de facto spouse), child or stepchild.

***Corporate members are companies incorporated in Australia which are registered on the Register administered by that class of Membership.

** & *** Family and Corporate members are entitled to one vote at a meeting of members and are entitled to have one representative eligible to be elected to a Committee of Management.


Membership runs 12 months from the date of payment.

Stud Listing on the ACE website Breeders Directory FREE for all subscribers.

A.C.E Group Inc.

2017 Annual Membership Application

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 Stallion Owners
Galanthus - Gypsie Lodge

Gypsie Lodge

  1. Service Certificate Book $99.00 (available for members only)
  2. Single Page Service Certificate $7.70 per page (available for members only)
  3. AI Form
  4. DNA Request, (available for members only)
  5. Licensing – please see assessment, (available for members only)

~ACE Application Service Certificate Book 2017/18

~ACE Application DNA Testing 2017/18

~ACE Artificial Insemination 2017/18

Mare Owners
  1. ET Forms
  2. DNA Request
  3. AI Form

~Embryo Transfer ET Record 2017/18 pdf

~ACE Application DNA Testing 2017/18 pdf

~ACE Artificial Insemination 2017/18 pdf

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ACE Horse Passport

ACE Passport Flyer picture 1 circle

The ACE Horse Passport has replaced the previously issued horse Birth Certificate.

In a time, where record keeping is becoming more and more important, the ACE Group Inc. now provides a tool to keep all you equine details in one easy to use location.

The passports not only includes the pedigree of your horse, spaces for assessment scores, performance results but also spaces for vaccination, veterinary records and much more.

The ACE Group Inc. Horse Passport has been created in accordance to European Standards and is bound with rivets to guarantee the integrity of your Horses identity at all times.

From the September 2013 on-wards, all new registration application that are received will automatically be issued with the new ACE Horse Passport.

All ACE Birth Certificates are eligible to be changed over to the new ACE Horse Passport.

To replace your current Birth Certificate with the new ACE horse Passport, please post your original Birth Certificate to the ACE Group office with the request to receive the new ACE Horse Passport (cost of the replacement is $25.00).



Kitara Karingo Kitara Lodge Performance Horses

Kitara Karingo
Kitara Lodge Performance Horses


The ACE Group Inc offers an efficient and quick registration process. Please note – registration and transfer services are member services only!


Foal Registration (0 to 6 months) ~ $75.00

Weanling Registration (7 to 12 months) ~ $85.00

Horse Registration (13 months and older) ~ $140.00

DNA Request ~ $90.00

~Horse Registration Application pdf       Horse registration is now available on-line here

~Foal Registration Application pdf       Foal registration is now available on-line here

~ACE Application DNA Testing 2017/18 pdf


ACE Assessment Tour 2013

To ensure efficient processing of your registration ensure that you have included the following;

1. Completely filled out registration application.

2. If Dam or Sire is not ACE registered please submit a copy of their registration papers, if it is not available please contact the ACE Group Inc. office, registration may be possible under a separate Sporthorse register.

3. 4 pictures of the horse to be registered (one each side, one front and one back – ensure the complete horse is visible, including ears and hooves). Please remember to mark any whorls as black x on the diagram.

4. Service Certificate, AI Form and ET Form and DNA hair sample if applicable.

5. If service certificate has been sent through by semen provider prior to registration, please notify the ACE Group Inc. office.

6. When you receive your registration papers, please check the identity of your horse against the brands, markings and their description and if applicable microchip number on the registration papers.

7. Please report any discrepancy within 30 days of receipt to the ACE Group Inc. office.

**Discrepancies received after 30 days may incur a fee for amendments.

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Change of Ownership

Brockhurst Stud -

Capone imp
Brockhurst Stud

$35.00, please note registrations and transfers are members only services.

To transfer the ownership of your horse, please return the original Certificate of Ownership to the ACE Group Inc. office.

Please ensure that the details of the purchaser are filled out completely.

If the transfer section was not signed on the original Certificate of Ownership or the transfer of ownership application, please submit a copy of your contract of Sale (signed by the Seller and Purchaser).

~ ACE Application Transfer of Ownership 2017/18 in PDF format

To ensure a smooth transfer process, please post the transfer application (including the original Certificate of Ownership) to:

The ACE Group Inc. PO Box 224 Canungra  Qld  4275

Change of Details

Gerry edit crop

Now On Top
Belcam Warmblood Stud

$75.00 for members only.

To change the details of your horse, please return the original Certificate of Ownership and Birth Certificate / Passport as well as the completed Change of Details Form.

Please note that registered stud prefixes or suffixes can only be changed with written authorization from the breeder.

Change of Details On-Line Form


~ ACE Change of Details Form 2017/18 in PDF format

Please post the Originals (including the Change of Details) to:

The ACE Group Inc. PO Box 224 Canungra  Qld  4275

Lost Papers

HPS Momona Toowoomba 2012

HPS Momona
Quadriga PBH Warmblood Stud


$75.00 for members only.

To request duplicate registration papers, Birth Certificate or passport as well as Certificate of Ownership, the current / registered owner is required to submit a Statutory Declaration in accordance with the appropriate state law explaining why and where the papers have been lost and requesting duplicates.

Please post the Statutory Declaration to:

The ACE Group Inc. PO Box 224 Canungra  Qld  4275

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